Petri Net Toolbox for MATLAB
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The Petri Net Toolbox for MATLAB is a software tool for simulation, analysis and design of discrete event systems, based on Petri net models. This software is embedded in the MATLAB environment and its usage requires MATLAB version 6.1 or higher. The current version is compatible with MATLAB R2012b.

The integration with the MATLAB philosophy presents the considerable advantage of creating powerful algebraic, statistical and graphical instruments, which exploit the high quality routines available in MATLAB.
Moreover, this MATLAB orientation of the Petri Net Toolbox for MATLAB was intended to permit further development, including tools devoted to hybrid systems, because MATLAB incorporates comprehensive software for studying continuous and discontinuous dynamics.

The Petri Net Toolbox for MATLAB was designed and implemented at the Department of Automatic Control and Applied Informatics of the Technical University "Gh. Asachi" of Iasi, Romania.

Last update: February 9, 2014.
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